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Authorised Sonitron Distributor

Back in 2010 Sonitron announced that Jacarem would be an Authorised Sonitron Distributor. This status enables us to provide some of Europe’s best piezo ceramic audible components.

Who Are Sonitron?

Sonitron were founded in 1977 and have quickly become Europe’s leading manufacturer of piezo ceramic audible components. Sonitron piezo components meet the needs of many different applications which we’ll go into further detail about below.

Industries & Applications

Sonitron piezo components are used in many different industries and applications across the globe. These include; medical, industrial, naval, heavy-duty, airspace, military and other applications.

Product Range

Jacarem is able to provide a wide range of Sonitron products to customers across the globe. As an Authorised Sonitron Distributor, Jacarem has access to a range of Sonitron Products. Take a look at the range of featured products below.

Why Jacarem?

At Jacarem we are industry leaders in the supply and distribution of electrical & electronic connectors. We have developed relationships with a number of non-conflicting suppliers since 1987 and are proud to be an Authorised Sonitron Distributor. If you would like a quotation or would like to speak to an expert about Sonitron’s products, please contact us.