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Sensopart Sensors UK Distributor

Jacarem have are one of over 40 Sensopart distributors across the globe and are pleased to be able to offer advice and guidance on their optical sensors.

Who Are Sensopart?

Sensopart were founded in 1994 and have quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation. With over 250 employees across the globe with over 40 distributors worldwide.

Industries & Applications

Sensoparts products are vital to a number of industries across the globe. From the automotive industry to food & beverage and the solar industry. Sensoparts products are used for detection & inspection, identification, measurement, positioning and detecting colours.

Product Range

Sensopart provides optical sensors. These sensors can be subdivided as follows; Innovative Standard Technology, Laser Technology, Distance Measurement/Positioning, Detection of Colour & Markings, Detection of Objects and Vision Sensors.

Why Jacarem?

At Jacarem we are industry leaders in the supply and distribution of electrical & electronic connectors. We have developed relationships with a number of non-conflicting suppliers since 1987 and are proud to be a Sensopart Sensors Distributor. If you would like a quotation or would like to speak to an expert about Sensopart’s products, please contact us.