Roxburgh EMC

Roxburgh EMC signed a distribution agreement with Jacarem in February 2020.

Leading Manufacturer

Roxburgh EMC is a leading manufacturer of EMC Filters, EMC Components and surge protection devices.

Industrial Roxburgh EMC Filters

The EMC filters include single phase filters, 3 phase filters and three-phase and neutral filters.  The current ratings are from 1 Amp to 1600 Amps.  The EMC mains filters are used across many industries and applications.

IEC and small chassis EMC filters

The IEC and small chassis mounting filters are available as single stage and multi stage.  The EMC filters are available with current ratings from 1 to 30 Amps.

EMC Chokes and RC Networks

The range of EMC / EMI noise suppression components includes common mode and differential mode chokes, open toroidal chokes, RC/snubber networks (flying leads and PCB mounted) and spark quenchers.  Options include single phase and three phase with flying leads and PCB mounted are also available.

Surge Protection Devices

SPD’s are suitable for signal line protection, DC power supply and low voltage power distribution.

Custom Designs

The EMC Filters meet a wide variety of requirements for most applications.  Sometimes there are occasions where our customers have a specific requirement for example, mechanical layout, overall size and connection methods.  The team are able to develop custom solutions to meet and requirements which are not met by the standard range of EMC products.

If you have a requirement for any of the Roxburgh EMC products, please Contact Us.