Positronic Distributor

Premier Positronic Distributor

Jacarem has been an authorised Positronic Distributor since 1987 and has provided their products to our customers ever since. We hold large quantities of Positronic Connectors in our stock room and are able to offer our customers scheduled and call-off orders to ensure a steady flow of Positronic products to our customer base.

Who Are Positronic?

Positronic were founded in 1966 by Jack Gentry and have since gone on to be one of the largest suppliers of electronic connectors across the globe. Their products are highly reliable and provide efficient connectivity solutions to all industries and applications. As a Positronic supplier, Jacarem have the ability to provide our customers with superb insight into the Positronic range and offer great price breaks on MOQ orders.

Industries & Applications

In short, Positronic’s connectors can be used in an array of industries and applications. They are able to meet various industrial and military performance levels. Positronic distributors have extensive knowledge of the product range and are able to provide advice and recommendations based on a customers industry and/or application.

Jacarem has supplied Positronic Connectors to a range of industries including but not limited to; aerospace, military, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial and rail.

Product Range

Jacarem is able to provide a wide range of Positronic products to customers across the globe. As a Positronic Distributor Jacarem have access to the three ranges of Positronic Products; Hermetic Range, Power Connectors and D-Sub Connectors. Take a look at the range of featured products below.

Why Jacarem?

At Jacarem we are industry leaders in the supply and distribution of electrical & electronic connectors. We have developed relationships with a number of non-conflicting suppliers since 1987 and are proud to be a Premier Positronic Distributor. If you would like a quotation or would like to speak to an expert about Positronic’s products, please Contact Us.