Malico Authorised Distributor | Jacarem

Jacarem are proud to stock and supply products from Malico who are advanced thermal solution provider.

Who Are Malico?

Malico are a leading thermal solutions provider. Established in 1983, Malico has grown to hold key positions in many different industries and are now a major player in the metal forming business in Taiwan.

Industries & Applications

Malico mainly operates in 3 core industries; Electronics, Medical and Transportation with their products being used in major components of many different products.

Product Range

Malico specialises in Heat Sinks, Cold Plates & Heat pipes. Their forged heat sinks a carefully formed, complete in one piece with no interface. Their cold plate products come in a variety of materials such as copper tube cold plates, aluminium cold plates and stainless cold plates. The heat pipes are highly reliable.

Why Jacarem?

At Jacarem we are industry leaders in the supply and distribution of electrical & electronic connectors. We have developed relationships with a number of non-conflicting suppliers since 1987 and are proud to be a Malico Authorised Distributor. If you would like a quotation or would like to speak to an expert about Malico products, please contact us.