Deltron Enclosures

Deltron Enclosures signed a distribution agreement with Jacarem in February 2020.

General Purpose Deltron Enclosures

Deltron Enclosures have IP54, IP66 and IP68 enclosures and flanged enclosures.  The IP54 enclosures are suitable for applications in low risk environments where only a minor amount of moisture is present.    The IP66 enclosures are for applications where light protection against water ingress is essential.  Meanwhile, the IP68 enclosures are for more demanding applications.  They offer protection against complete submersion in water at depths of 5m for 1 hour.

In addition, there are IP68 EMI/RFI general purpose enclosures, which offer enhanced EMI/RFI protection.  This range incorporates a semi-conductive sealing mechanism.  It maintains conductivity between the lid and the enclosure whilst maintaining protection from dust and water ingress.

Heavy Duty Enclosures

Low cost option heavy duty enclosures are available.  These are for applications where ingress protection isn’t critical to the performance of the internal components but a robust enclosure is required.

IP66 heavy duty enclosures are ideal for designs where a robust box with ingress protection is required.

IP68 heavy duty enclosures have complete ingress protection, coupled with a hard-wearing enclosure.  This range is ideal for applications in particularly demanding environments and they can be submerged up to 10m in water for 20 hours.

Corrosion and Impact Resistant Deltron Enclosures

IP66 Corrosion and impact resistant enclosures can maintain their IP66 rating whilst offering protection against 1000 hours of salt spray and impact resistance of 7 joules.

Finally, the IP68 corrosion and impact resistant enclosure.  It offers the best possible protection over the combined effects of water, impact and corrosive environments.

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