Deltron Components Distributor

Jacarem signed a franchise distribution agreement with Deltron Components in February 2020.  A high quality manufacturer of audio components including XLR Connectors, DIN connectors, Phono Connectors and 4mm Single Pole Connectors.  Above all, the audio connectors are high quality.  Consequently as well as selling to OEMs in the electronics and broadcast industries, we use Deltron Components within our UK cable assembly division.

Deltron Components XLR connectors

The XLR connectors incorporate many innovative features.

The cable mounting plugs and sockets feature robust die-cast metal back shells or plastic back shells both incorporating an anti-vibration collar.  The Deltron Components XLR chassis range can be front or rear panel mounted.  They are available in nickel or black chrome shell finish, with either silver or gold plated contact options.

Deltron’s XLR connectors utilise the same panel mounting cut-out for both plugs and sockets, consequently this makes the product range extremely versatile.  In addition, a non-latching version is also available for users who prefer a faster disconnection.

DIN Connectors

A fully screened, robust range for use in instrumentation and audio applications.  The DIN connectors are available in two finishes, bright nickel and non-reflective electrically conductive matt black.  The DIN connectors have a robust construction and incorporates cable grip and strain relief.

Phono Connectors

Deltron’s phono connectors are manufactured from turned brass, with hollow centre pin contacts.  The phono connectors feature spring cable strain relief and the plugs can be fitted with colour coding rings for identification.  The phono connectors accept cables up to 5.5mm diameter.

4mm Single Pole Connectors

Deltron’s 4mm products offer many unique products and they are manufactured to a very high standard.  The 4mm connectors cater for a broad range of instrumentation and speaker applications.

In Conclusion

Do you have an enquiry for audio connectors?  Would you like a competitive quotation from a Delton Components Distributor?  Alternatively, would you like a visit to discuss your connector requirements?   Please Contact Us today as our sales team will be happy to assist you.