RJ45 Sealed feedthrough

Increased Stocks

We have increased our stocks of the RJ45 Hermetic Feedthroughs due to the demand over recent months.

If you require next day delivery on RJ45 Feedthroughs, we should be able to facilitate this for you (subject to the time the order is placed etc).

Hermetic RJ45 jack to RJ45 jack in an SS housing with 1-14 UN X .95 thread.
Supplied with Viton o-ring & SS jam nut.


RJ45 Hermetic Seal – Testing

100% of parts are checked for quality including dimensional inspection, visual workmanship, leak tested for a <1X10^-7 STD-CC/SEC leak rate or better, electrical hipot 100 VDC 100 MOhms, & continuity testing.

If you require a quotation or further information, please contact us.