Sonitron Stock Parts

Jacarem holds a vast range of Sonitron parts in stock.  The part numbers and quantities change on a daily basis but the following are some examples of the main parts often carried in stock:

PAA-LT3469-01 PAA-MAX9788-01 SAP-1302-A-F2 SAP-1302-A-W SAP-1302-B-F2 SAP-1302-B-W SAP-1302-C-F2 SAP-1302-C-W SAP-1302-D-F2 SAP-1302-D-W SAS-2154-S-P SAS-2154-S-W SAS-2154-W-P SAS-2154-W-W SAS-2155-S-P SAS-2155-S-W SAS-2835-S-P SAS-2835-S-W SAST-2154-W SAST-2155-W SAST-2835-W SC0715BL SC0715BL F SC0715BL F2 SC0715BL F2M SC0715BL F2MS SC0715BL F2S SC0715BL FM SC0715BL FMS SC0715BL S SC0715BLF S SC235A SC235A F SC235A F2 SC235A F2M SC235A F2MS SC235A F2S SC235A FM SC235A FMS SC235A FS SC235A S SC235B SC235B F SC235B F2 SC235B F2M SC235B F2MS SC235B F2S SC235B FM SC235B FMS SC235B FS SC235B S SCI535 1700 SCI535 F 1700 SCI535 F2 1700 SCI535 F2M 1700 SCI535 FM 1700 SCI535A1 SCI535A1 F SCI535A1 F2 SCI535A1 F2M SCI535A1 F2MS SCI535A1 F2S SCI535A1 FM SCI535A1 FMS SCI535A1 FS SCI535A1 S SCI535A5 SCI535A5 F SCI535A5 F2 SCI535A5 F2M SCI535A5 F2MS SCI535A5 F2S SCI535A5 FM SCI535A5 FMS SCI535A5 FS SCI535A5 S SCI535B1 SCI535B1 F SCI535B1 F2 SCI535B1 F2M SCI535B1 F2MS SCI535B1 F2S SCI535B1 FM SCI535B1 FMS SCI535B1 FS SCI535B1 S SCI535B5 SCI535B5 F SCI535B5 F2 SCI535B5 F2M SCI535B5 F2MS SCI535B5 F2S SCI535B5 FM SCI535B5 FMS SCI535B5 FS SCI535B5 S SCR535A SCR535A F SCR535A F2 SCR535A F2M SCR535A F2MS SCR535A F2S SCR535A FM SCR535A FMS SCR535A FS SCR535A S SCR535B SCR535B F SCR535B F2 SCR535B F2M SCR535B F2MS SCR535B F2S SCR535B FM SCR535B FMS SCR535B FS SCR535B S SCS-17-P10 SCS-17-S SCS-24-P10 SCS-24-S SCS-32 CON SP02 SCS-32-P10 SCS-32-P10 /SP02 SCS-32-S SCS-32-S /SP02 SMA-13LC-P10 SMA-13LC-P7.5 SMA-13LC-S SMA-13LT-P10 SMA-13LT-P7.5 SMA-13LT-S SMA-13LV-P10 SMA-13LV-P7.5 SMA-13LV-S SMA-13-P10 SMA-13-P7.5 SMA-13-S SMA-17LC-P10 SMA-17LC-P7.5 SMA-17LC-S SMA-17LT-P10 SMA-17LT-P7.5 SMA-17LT-S SMA-17-P10 SMA-17-P7.5 SMA-17-S SMA-21LC-P10 SMA-21LC-P15 SMA-21LC-P17.5 SMA-21LC-S SMA-21LT-P10 SMA-21LT-P15 SMA-21LT-P17.5 SMA-21LT-S SMA-21LV-P10 SMA-21LV-P15 SMA-21LV-S SMA-21-P10 SMA-21-P15 SMA-21-P17.5 SMA-21-S SMA-24L-P15 SMA-24L-P17.5 SMA-24L-P20.32 SMA-24L-S SMA-24-P10 SMA-24-P15 SMA-24-P17.5 SMA-24-P20.32 SMA-24-S SMA-30L-P15 SMA-30L-P17.5 SMA-30L-P20.32 SMA-30L-S SMA-30-P15 SMA-30-P17.5 SMA-30-P20.32 SMA-30-S SMAC-25-P15 SMAC-25-P17.5 SMAC-25-S SMAC-25-W100 SMACI-25-P15 SMACI-25-P17.5 SMACI-25-S SMACI-25-W100 SMACT-25-P15 SMACT-25-P17.5 SMACT-25-S SMACT-25-W100 SMAI-24-P10 SMAI-24-P15 SMAI-24-P17.5 SMAI-24-P20.32 SMAI-24-S SMAT-13-P10 SMAT-13-P7.5 SMAT-13-S SMAT-17-P10 SMAT-17-P7.5 SMAT-17-S SMAT-21-P10 SMAT-21-P15 SMAT-21-P17.5 SMAT-21-S SMAT-24-P10 SMAT-24-P15 SMAT-24-P17.5 SMAT-24-P20.32 SMAT-24-S SMAT-30-P15 SMAT-30-P17.5 SMAT-30-P20.32 SMAT-30-S SMB-17CC-P10 SMB-17CC-S SMB-32CC-P10 SMB-32CC-S SP27 SP27 F SP27 F2 SP27 F2M SP27 F2MS SP27 F2S SP27 FM SP27 FMS SP27 FS SP27 S SP7 (incl. O-Ring) SP7 F (incl. O-Ring) SP7 F2 (incl. O-Ring) SP7 F2M(incl. O-Ring) SP7 FM (incl. O-Ring) SPS-2220-03 SPS-29-T00 SPS-3530-03-C1 SPS-3530-03-C2 SPS-41-T00 SPS-4640-03-C1 SPS-4640-03-C2 SPS-53-T00 SPS-6555-03-C1 SPS-6555-03-C2 SPS-68-T00 SPS-8770-03-C1 SPS-8770-03-C2 SRA 80C A SRA 80C B SRA 80I A1 SRA 80I A5 SRA 80I B1 SRA 80I B5 SUC516A SUC516A F SUC516A F2 SUC516A F2M SUC516A F2MS SUC516A F2S SUC516A FM SUC516A FMS SUC516A FS SUC516A S SUC516B SUC516B F SUC516B F2 SUC516B F2M SUC516B F2MS SUC516B F2S SUC516B FM SUC516B FMS SUC516B FS SUC516B S SULC516B SULC516B F SULC516B F2 SULC516B F2M SULC516B F2MS SULC516B F2S SULC516B FM SULC516B FMS SULC516B FS SULC516B S SULI516B1 SULI516B1 F SULI516B1 F2 SULI516B1 F2M SULI516B1 F2MS SULI516B1 F2S SULI516B1 FM SULI516B1 FMS SULI516B1 FS SULI516B1 S SULI516B5 SULI516B5 F SULI516B5 F2 SULI516B5 F2M SULI516B5 F2MS SULI516B5 F2S SULI516B5 FM SULI516B5 FMS SULI516B5 FS SULI516B5 S SULM516B1 SULM516B1 F SULM516B1 F2 SULM516B1 F2M SULM516B1 F2MS SULM516B1 F2S SULM516B1 FM SULM516B1 FMS SULM516B1 FS SULM516B1 S SULM516B5 SULM516B5 F SULM516B5 F2 SULM516B5 F2M SULM516B5 F2MS SULM516B5 F2S SULM516B5 FM SULM516B5 FMS SULM516B5 FS SULM516B5 S SUM516A1 SUM516A1 F SUM516A1 F2 SUM516A1 F2M SUM516A1 F2MS SUM516A1 F2S SUM516A1 FM SUM516A1 FMS SUM516A1 FS SUM516A1 S SUM516A5 SUM516A5 F SUM516A5 F2 SUM516A5 F2M SUM516A5 F2MS SUM516A5 F2S SUM516A5 FM SUM516A5 FMS SUM516A5 FS SUM516A5 S SVC 15C SVC 15I SVC 7C SVC 7I SW535B SW535B F SW535B F2 SW535B F2M SW535B F2MS SW535B F2S SW535B FM SW535B FMS SW535B FS SW535B S SXLC515C SXLC515C F SXLC515C F2 SXLC515C F2M SXLC515C F2MS SXLC515C F2S SXLC515C FM SXLC515C FMS SXLC515C FS SXLC515C S SXLI515C1 SXLI515C1 F SXLI515C1 F2 SXLI515C1 F2M SXLI515C1 F2MS SXLI515C1 F2S SXLI515C1 FM SXLI515C1 FMS SXLI515C1 FS SXLI515C1 S SXLP515C SXLP515C F SXLP515C F2 SXLP515C F2M SXLP515C F2MS SXLP515C F2S SXLP515C FM SXLP515C FMS SXLP515C FS SXLP515C S SXLW515C SXLW515C F SXLW515C F2 SXLW515C F2M SXLW515C F2MS SXLW515C F2S SXLW515C FM SXLW515C FMS SXLW515C FS SXLW515C S

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