• Positronic SMA’s are Hermetic feedthrough connectors for space or industrial vacuum applications.
  • Dielectric materials: PTFE and expoxy resin
  • Outer contacts: Brass, 0.000025 inch [0,64 microns] min. gold over copper plate.
  • Centre contacts: Copper alloy with brass. Gold finish 0.000050 inch min. 1.25 microns over copper
  • Housing: Aluminium alloy, golden iridescent conversion coating
  • O-Ring:  Fluorocarbon. One mouting and one for spare part.
  • Fixation screws: Stainless steel kitted

Technical Specification:

  • Durability: 500 operations minimum
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C. The temperature range can be extended under certain conditions. Consult factory.
  •  Helium leak rate at ambient temperature: < 5.10-9 mbar. l/s under a vacuum of 1.5.10-2 mbar
  • Frequency range: 0-18 GHz