• Positronic SAVAC connectors are D-subminiature hermetic feedthrough for space or industrial vacuum applications.
  • All Savac series connectors are 100% leak tested after fabrication
  • Savac connectors can be supplied as board mount varieties or with flying leads
  • Savac series connectors conform to MIL-DTL-24308 Goddard and the SPACE-D32 specifications
  • Insulator: Glass-filled DAP per ASTM-D-5948 or polyester glass filled per ASTM D 5927, UL94V0, ASTM E-595, NASA-RP-1124
  • Contacts: Precision machined copper alloy
  • Posiband spring clip: BeCu Copper alloy
  • Contact plating: 0.000050 inch 1.25 microns gold over copper plate
  • Shells: Brass with 0.000050 inch 1.25 microns gold over copper plate or stainless steel
  • Housing: Aluminium alloy, golden brown conversion coating
  • O-ring: Viton fluorocarbon Other material per request. One mounting and one for spare part

D-sub hermetic feedthrough

Technical Specification

  • Mechanical operations: 500 operations, minimum, per IEC 60512-5
  • Temperature range: -40°C to + 125°C. The temperature range can be extended under certain conditions. Consult factory.
  • Helium leak rate at ambient temperature: <5×10-9 mbar. l/s under a vacuum of 1.5×10-2 mbar
  • Outgassing non-metallic material: Total mass loss – TML < 1%. Collected volatile condensable materials – CVCM <0.1%
  • Signal contact current rating: 14A nominal, size 20. 10A nominal, size 22
  • Power contact current rating: 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 amperes nominal.

For further information on D-Sub hermetic feedthroughs or for a quotation, please contact us.