•  Jacarem holds a vast range of Malico parts in stock.  The part numbers and quantities change on a daily basis but the following are some examples of the main parts often carried in stock:

CMBA054949, CMBA024949, CMBF0135352901-00, CHBF3127271802-00, CEBF0140401605-00, CMBF0142422901-00,

EBA37.5001-10CL+T710, EBA19031-10CL+T710

MBH40002-25P/2.6, MBH45001-28W/2.6, MBH42.5002-12P/2.6, MBH31001-28W/2.6, MBH45001-15W/2.6, MBH31001-15W/2.6, MBH35002-12P/2.6, MBH42.5002-25P/2.6, MBH27002-25P/2.6, MBH27002-12P/2.6, MBH29001-15W/2.6, MBH29001-28W/2.6, MBH25001-28W/2.6, MBH25001-15W/2.6, MBH35002-25P/2.6, MBH40001-13L/2.0, MBH30001-13L/2.0, MBH33002-33P/2.6, MBH29002-12P/2.6, MBH375002-33P/2.6, MBH19002-25P/2.6, MBH19002-12P/2.6

If you have an enquiry for these or any other Malico parts, please Contact Us.