• There is a special Profibus specification for safety-orientated intrinsically safe applications. Intrinsic safety is achieved by limiting the energy. At low voltage, this is reflected among other things, by a higher current density in the bus line, as the devices are also supplied with power via the bus line.
  • The main factor of this connector is compliance with EN50020.
  • The Ex i connectors have been developed in cooperation with ABB and approved for their S900 controller.
  • Data transmission rate: According to bus specification, 12 Mbit/s.
  • Termination type: Screw terminal
  • Please refer to pdf pages 12-13.

Technical Specification

  • Temperature range: -20°C – +70°C
  • Protection Class: IP40 MAX: IP30
  • Cable termination: 2 x horizontal, 2 x vertical, MAX: 2 x axial1 cable outlet can be sealed with blanking plate.
  • Permissible humidity: Max. 75% at +25 °C, non-condensing.
  • Housing Material: Thermoplast UL94V-1MAX: ZnAl, galvanized.
  • D-Sub screw: -4
  • 40 UNC, knurled with cross-head.