• Designed as fully insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and automotive industries, with terminals protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0100 part 570, VDE 0160 Part 100 and VBG 4.
  • Types: LDG-A-12 max. 12 connectors, LDG-A-14 max 14 connectors, LDG-A-16 max. 16 connectors, LDG-A-30 max. 30 connectors, LDG-A-46 max. 46 connectors, LDG-A-70 max. 70 connectors.
  • Wave solderable termination of the terminal blocks eliminates the need for hard discrete wiring and is cost-effective for higher volumes.
  • Pluggable termination via frame inserts for commercially available connectors.
  • Custom-loaded terminal blocks via blind plugs to meet nearly any application’s configuration and to reduce costs.
  • Ease of assembly due to snap-together design.
  • Custom cut-outs for e.g. switches and special signalling devices in covers and in blind inserts for special connector solutions.
  • Base part versions with ventilation slots for effective heat dissipation; all versions except LDG-A-14
  • EMC compliant enclosure solutions achieved by inner shielding of base part Al front cap.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Temperature : -40°C – +110°C
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Approvals: UL File E 84703 CSA File LR 62504
  • Base Part: PC 30% GV, RAL 7032, UL 94 V-1
  • Terminal block housing, cover and blind plug: PC UL 94 V-2
  • Current Rating: LDG-A-12: max 16A, LDG-A-16 to 70: max. 20A
  • Air Distance / comparative figure of voltage: LDG-A-12: ≥ 3mm / CTI 275.  LDG-A-16 to 70: ≥ 4mm / CTI 275
  • Creepage / comparative figure of voltage: LDG-A-12: ≥ 3.2mm / CTI 275.  LDG-A-16 to 70: ≥ 5mm / CTI 275