• This cable housing family meets the demand for a fully insulated compact housing suitable for holding either the male or female half of connectors to DIN 41612.
  • These universal hoods have been developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of electronic equipment.
  • Exclusion of any mechanical stress on the multi-pin-connectors during insertion, operation and withdrawal.
  • Lifting screws make it easy to overcome insertion and withdrawal forces.
  • Suitable guide elements to facilitate mounting on the front panels or wiring ends of PCB modules
  • Suitable for providing signal or current interconnections between 19″- racks.
  • Three alternative cable position outlets.
  • Reliable strain relief.
  • Retrofitting of coding devices possible.

Technical Specification

  • Hood Patterns:
    KSG 173: For male or female connectors types B, C, D, H11, Q, R, housing width 15.24mm .6″Female connectors type H15 housing width 15.24mm .6″Male and female connectors type E  housing width 20.32mm .8″KSG203:For female connectors type F housing width 15.24mm .6″KSG253:For female ribbon-cable IDC connectors type C housing width 15.24mm .6″.

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