• These development tools provide users with an interface between their device and an in-circuit emulator. As such, they support users throughout the design process.
  • Some models are available in two-piece designs for easy removal and replacement. Extra bases may be purchased separately for use with multiple boards. Most adapters offer test point arrays that will accept industry standard test connectors. These adapters usually offer pin labelling to identify signals.

Technical Specification

  • Device Specific adapters allow emulation of specific devices from these manufacturers: Actel, AMD, Analogue Devices, Hitachi, IDT, Intel, Microchip, Motorola, NEC, Philips, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Zilog and more.
  • Some adapters offer flip signal option: Signal names change direction from clockwise to anticlockwise, top to bottom.
  • Please see the attached pdf for further information. –