• We offer a variety of moulded PLCC plugs designed to provide a connection between your daughterboard and your PLCC production socket or SMT pads.
  • We provide board to board interconnect solutions for the following package types: TQFP, PQFP, SOIC, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, FLT, BGA, QFN/MLF.

Technical Specification

  • PLCC Plugs: *Designed to provide a connection between your PCB and your PLCC production socket.*This was created for the designer who wishes to mate a daughter board with a motherboard.
  • SMT PQFP / TQFP Emulator Plugs – *Perfect for boards designed with Yamaichi production sockets or socket footprints.*Allows access to the lead of a Yamaichi PQFP / TQFP Surface-mount production socket for connecting to: Emulator Pods, Logic Analysers / Scopes or Custom pods and cables.
  • PQFP / TQFP Surface Mount Bases – *SMT bases can be made for any SMT leaded package. *The base material is TEFLON and these units will withstand ALL soldering methods without deforming or melting, including hand soldering. *Precision machining ensures accurate pitch, size and other physical characteristics.Tolerances: + / – 0.001″.
  • Please see the attached pdf for further information.