EBM Papst Stock Parts

Jacarem holds a vast range of EBM Papst parts in stock.  The part numbers and quantities change on a daily basis but the following are some examples of the main parts often carried in stock:

09418-2-4039 09498-2-4039 09576-2-4013 09603-2-4039 210-HAR11887 2218F/2TDH4P 252N 255H 3214J/39H4-210 3218JN 3312 3314 3314S 3412N/2 3412NGHH 3412NGLE 3412NGME 3412NLE 3412NME 3414N 3414N/39HH 3414NGHH 3414NGM/M3-8 3414NHH 3418N/2HH 3418N/2HH/M3-8 3606 3906 3956 3956L 405/2 405F 4114N/2H4 4114N/2H8P 4114NH3 4114NH6 4114NHH 4118NH3 4118NH4 4118NHH 412 412/2-036 412F/2H 412F/2H-038 412FH 412H 412J 412J/2HH 412J/2HH-M00 414 414/2 414J 414JHH 4182NGX 4182NX 4184N/2X 4184NGX 4184NX 4184NXH 4212 4214 4214H 4214NGL 4214NGN 4214NH 4218H 424J/2HP 4312 4312/2 4312-179 4312GL 4312L 4312MT 4312S 4312T 4312T-M00 4314 4314M 4314NGN 4314NHH 4314T 4314U 4318 4318/2 4394L 4394M 4398 4412/2HHP 4412F 4412F/2 4412ML 4414/2H 4414/2HU 4414F 4414F/2 4414F/39 4414F/39DR 4414F-M01 4414FN/39H 4414H 4414HU 4414L 4414L3 4414M 4414ML 4418F 4418FNH 4418ML 4484F 4550N 4600N 4600Z 4600Z-881 4606AW 4606N 4606TZ 4606Z 4606Z-855 4608ZW 4628N 4650N 4650TZ 4650Z 4656N 4656TZ 4656Z 4656Z-853 4656ZH 4656ZW 4658N 4658Z 4658ZW 4850N 4850Z 4850ZW 4890N 50952-2-4039 51019-2-4039 5114N 5114N/2 5118N 512F 514F 5182N 5214NH 5218 5218N/2HH 5218NM 55668 19000 5606S 5656S 5958W 6028ES 605F 612F 612F/2 612F/2-638 612F/2L-640 612FL 612N/2H 612N/2H-M01 612NGHH 612NGLE 612NGME 612NGMI 612NGML 612NGMLE 612NHH 614F 614F/2 614NGHH 614NGL 614NHH 614NHU 614NN 618NN 6224N 6224NM 622H 622HH 622N 624/2H3P 624/39HHPR-M00 6248N 624HH 624M 624N 6318/2TDHP 6424 6424/2 6424H 6448 6448H 7114NH 7118NR-135 7214N 7214N/12 7450ES 78128-2-4039 7856ES 8214J/2H4P 8214JH3 8214JN 8218JN 8312 8312/10MV 8314 8314/2H 8314/2HU-507 8314H 8314M 8412N 8412N/2G 8412N/2GLE 8412N/2GME 8412NG 8412NGH 8412NGL 8412NGLE 8412NGME 8412NGMLE 8412NGMLV 8412NGMV 8412NH 8412NLE 8412NME 8414GM 8414N 8414N/2G 8414N/2GH 8414N/2GM 8414N/2HP 8414NG 8414NGH 8414NGL 8414NGM 8414NH 8414NH/M4-4-E 8500N 8550N 8800N 8830N 8850N 92162-2-2929 92164-2-2929 92165-2-2929 92439-2-2929 9591904103 96358-2-4013 9793510182 99282-4-7320 99283-4-7320 99284-4-7320 99285-4-7320 99286-4-7320 9956 A4D500-AM09-08 A4E300-AS72-01 AC4400FNN CBC000-AC02-02 CDC122055UC-000 CDC122055UR-000 CDC242055UC-000 CDC242055UR-000 CDC482055UC-000 CDC482055UR-000 CEC100080UN-001 CEC102040MC-000 CEC102245UN-000 CEC102542UN-001 CEC103555MC-000 CEC10VV10UN-001 CECXX2040MC-000 CECXX3555MC-000 CGCXX00000 CN1003 CN1063 CN1064 CN1083 CPC122040SC-000 CPC123555SC-000 CPC241535UN-001 CPC242040SC-000 CPC243555SC-000 CPC482040SC-000 CPC483555SC-000 CPC48VV10UN-000 CPC48VV10UN-001 CPCXX2040SC-000 CPCXX3555SC-000 CPCXXVV10UN-002 CPCXXVV10UN-100 D2E097-BI56-50 D2E133-AM47-23 D2E133-DM27-D8 D2E133-DM47-23 D2E146-AP43-D7 D2E146-AP47-75 D4D225-CC01-02 D4E133-DA56-D4 DPC200-EP1000 DPC200-EP4000 DPC200-EP500 DS85-1000 DS85-2000 DS85-50 DS85-500 DV4114/2N DV4118N DV5212/2N DV5214/2N DV5218/2N DV6224/2 DV6248 DV6424/2TDA-806 EC-PRESS EC-TEMP FEA001 FP120 FP160 FP60L FP80 FT1007 FT1008 FT1061-1 FT300SL30-01 FT300SP30-01 FT300XL30-01 FT600SL30-01 FT600SP30-01 FT600XL30-01 FT900SL30-01 FT900SP30-01 FT900XL30-01 G1G160-AB41-01 G2D180-BE02-10 G2E120-AR77-01 G2E140-AI28-A5 G2E160-AD03-50 G2E180-AA03-01 G4E180-GS11-01 HAA0503U1348M04 KTY-1 LZ120 LZ120/1.5 LZ120/2H/AC LZ120/3.0 LZ120/3H/AC LZ120/4H/AC LZ120/6H/AC LZ120/DC/1.5 LZ120E/3.0 LZ22K LZ22N LZ23 LZ23-1 LZ23-2 LZ23K LZ25 LZ26 LZ260 LZ261 LZ27 LZ28(CP) LZ28-1 LZ29-1 LZ30 LZ30-4 LZ30-5 LZ30-6 LZ30-9 LZ30GB LZ30K LZ30P LZ31 LZ32-2 LZ32-4 LZ35 LZ370 LZ38 LZ52 LZ60 PFM1250 PFM1255 PMFA120 PMFA120T PMFA160 PMFA60L PMFA80 PMFA80L PMFA80T PRF120 PRF60 PRF80 PRF90 PVT/100 QG030-148/12 QG030-198/12 QG030-198/14 QG030-303/12 QG030-303/14 R1G190-AB25-02 R2D180-AL02-23 R2E120-AO16-09 R2E133-BH66-05 R2E190-RA12-27 R2E220-AA40-05 R2E220-AA40-71 R2E220-AD19-11 R2E225-BD92-19 R2K150-AC03-81 R2S175-AB56-01 R3G175-AF19-02 R3G190AB0702M07 R3G220AE5001M07 R4E310-AL11-01 RDC100 REE 10 REF100-11/14 RER101-36/14NHH RER125-19/14N RG125-19/56 RG160-28/14NM RG90-18/06 RG90-18/56 RIB102 RL65-21/12/2 RL65-21/14H RL90/18-00 RL90/18-50 RL90-18/12N RL90-18/14N RLF100-11/18/2H RLF35-8/12N RMDC RMECI RMECS RMECV S2E300-BA01-09 TMSB00000-01 TMSB11111-01 W1G200-HH01-52 W2E142-BB01-01 W2E142-BB05-01 W2E143-AA09-01 W2E143-AA09-19 W2E143-AA15-01 W2E143-AB15-01 W2E200-CF02-02 W2E200-HH38-01 W2E200-HH86-01 W2E250-CE65-02 W2E250-HL06-01 W2S130-AA03-01 W2S130-AA03-87 W2S130-AA25-01 W2S130-BM03-01 W3G300-BV25-21 WSK 15

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