• 486-261612-68 is an IP68 Heavy Duty deltron enclosure.
  • This series has been designed for resistance to tougher environments where a hard-wearing box, combined with ingress protection may be required.
  • 486-261612-68 sealed to IP68, they offer the best protection against water ingress, having been tested to a depth of 10m for 20 hours. Eight sizes are available comprising PCB guides, DIN rail mounting points, lid, seal, captive screws and earth screws.
  • The range can be finished in plain aluminium, or painted and coated for added resistance to abrasion, oils, corrosion and diluted acids.

Technical Specification

  • Part Number: 486-261612-68
  • Material: LM2/LM24
  • Finish: Plain
  • Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 120
  • No of Screws: 4
  • IP Rated:  IP68
  • RFI EMI Shielded: Yes
  • We can machine and customise the enclosure to meet your specification.

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