XLR Connectors -5 pin plugs are available with die cast black, nickel or plastic shells and including non-latching versions. Silver or gold contacts as options.

Suitable pro-audio applications include:

– Studio equipment (amplifiers, professional CD players, mixing desk etc.)
– Sound and video mixers
– Microphones
– Industrial applications like control circuits
– Active loudspeakers

There is also a universal range of connectors which are available in non-latching versions for users who prefer the slightly faster disconnection that this type of connector allows.

The XLR connectors can be rear or front panel mounted. They can be fitted with a unique reusable colour coding system which enables fast identification of audio/video channels.

We have XLR Connectors available in 3 pin plugs and sockets, 4 pin plugs and sockets and 5 pin plugs and sockets.

We have an excellent in-house cable assembly division with highly skilled staff.  If you require your XLR connectors – 5 pin plugs to be incorporated into a cable assembly, we would be happy to quote you for this.  Use the following link for further information on cable assemblies.

We have a team of technical staff who can assist you with your new designs or if you have an XLR connector that is hard to source or causing you problems, we can cross refer it for you.  Our team can discuss your project over the phone or we can arrange for one of our technical team to come and visit you.

We also have Phono connectors and DIN connectors as part of our audio range.  All of the audio products are high quality and therefore meet the needs of most applications.

For further information on XLR Connectors – 5 pin plugs, please contact us.