• MicroTCA specified connector for backplanes.
  • 24 power contacts and 72 signal contacts.
  • Symmetrical footprint.
  • “Eye of the needle” press fit zone.

Technical Specification

  • Housing Material: Material: Thermoplastic polyester, glass filled; UL94-V0. Colour: Grey.
  • Power and Signal contacts: Material: Copper alloy.Finish: Mating are Au plated.Termination area matte tin plated.
  • Mating Cycles: 200.00
  • Mating Force: 145 N max.
  • Withdrawal Force: 110 N max.
  • Current rating with derating of IEC 60512: Power contacts and GND contacts: 9,3 A per pin @ max. 30°C temperature rise.Signal and signal GND contacts: 0,5 A @max. 30°C temperature rise.
  • Current rating connector capability: Power contacts and GND contacts: 11,625 ASignal and signal GND contacts: 0,625 A
  • Contact Resistance: Power contacts and GND contacts:5 M Ohm Signal and signal GND contacts: 25 M Ohm
  • Insulation Resistance: Power Contacts: 100 M Ohm min. Signal Contacts: 100 M Ohm min.
  • Temperature Range: 50°C to +105°C