• Filter plates provide EMI/RFI filtered signal lines between electronic modules and systems
  • Each signal line is filtered
  • Standard C filters or π filters can be specified or mixed capacitance values can be incorporated in to the filter plate
  • Filter plates reduce labour and save space on the printed circuit board.
  • Filter plates outperform discrete surface mounted in frequencies above 50Mhz
  • Interconnection can be done by using female headers with flat or hard wiring to the contact pins

Technical Specification

  • Base plate material – Copper alloy
  • Plating base plate – Tin plated
  • Contact – 0.8µ AU / 30 micro inch gold plating
  • Contact configuration – Ø 0.64mm 2.54mm spacing Ø 0.51mm 2.00mm spacing
  • Working voltage – 100VDC / -55°C to +125°C 2.54mm spacing. 50VDC / -55°C to +125°C 2.00mm spacing
  • Current Rating – 5A 2.54mm spacing 3A 2.00mm spacing
  • Insulation resistance – 10G Ω min. at 125°C