Our wiring team has exceptional capabilities and Jacarem has wired some hugely complex military boxes that have been over 1 metre in length and with components costing up to £250,000 for one individual box. These large size boxes and panels are still undertaken by Jacarem although we do prefer to undertake small to medium size box and panel builds.
    Jacarem is a stocking distributor which always benefits our Panel and Box-build customers. Many of the wire and connectors required within box and panel builds are purchased and stocked for our distribution which in turn leads to cheaper pricing and a faster turn-around of assemblies.
    Jacarem is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard, and these practices are used throughout the production of every box / panel being manufactured. All Panel and Box-builds are periodically checked during assembly of a production batch and then 100% visually inspected and electronically tested where appropriate. Does your company have a requirement for Panel and Box-build Assemblies? If so, please send your drawings / specifications to [email protected] or phone 01494 791336.

Technical Specification