KF D-sub Feedthroughs

We have designed thousands of vacuum feedthroughs / hermetic seals for customers in a broad range of industries.

Our KF D-sub feedthroughs are a well-known and proven product for transferring electrical signals for instrumentation and measurement purposes in a broad range of vacuum application.  The KF vacuum hermetic d-sub feedthroughs are available in 25 and 50 pin.


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KF D-Sub Feedthroughs

SST 316L D-Sub Feedthroughs 

KF D-Sub feedthroughs are stocked (subject to prior sale) as follows:

  • 9 Pin KF D-Sub Feedthrough DN40
  • 15 Pin KF D-Sub Feedthrough DN50

For all other CF/KF/ISO-K vacuum products, please click here.

Our engineers are on hand to assist with your requirements, to help you to achieve the perfect vacuum hermetic d-sub feedthroughs for your application.  Please contact our team with your specification and we will arrange a quotation for you.

Technical Expertise

We are a reliable partner for laboratories at Universities and research centres world-wide, when it comes to special vacuum parts and components. Whether you have a requirement for a standard item or a special request, please contact our team today.

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