ISO-K/KF/UHV Feedthroughs

We have designed thousands of vacuum feedthroughs / hermetic seals for customers in a broad range of industries.

Our Vacuum hermetic D-Sub feedthroughs are a well-known and proven product for transferring electrical signals for instrumentation and measurement purposes in a broad range of vacuum application. 


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ISO-K/KF/UHV Feedthroughs

ISO-K/KF/UHV feedthroughs are used to lead measuring, control and regulating signals into or out of the vacuum.  In addition to SUB-D feedthroughs, there are a number of other feedthroughs for transferring electrical signals into the vacuum, which can be selected depending on the operating conditions of the vacuum application. Specification features are, for example, voltage and the number of contacts.

For further information on the different feedthroughs, please click on the following links:

KF FeedthroughsISO-K FeedthroughsUHV Feedthroughs

Our engineers are on hand to assist with your requirements, to help you to achieve the perfect vacuum hermetic d-sub feedthrough for your application.  Please contact our team with your specification and we will arrange a quotation for you.

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