Glass to Metal Seals

Glass to metal seals can be manufactured for practically any connector and are suitable for applications with high pressure (up to 60,000psi).


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Glass to Metal Seals

Glass to metal seals and electrical feedthroughs can be manufactured for practically any connector using advanced sealing techniques.  Seals can be suitable for high pressure applications (up to 60,000psi).  High temperature operation from -55degC to 350degC.  AS9100 accredited.

Specifying Glass to metal Seals?

We will need you to consider the following:

  • How many conductors do you require?
  • What are the electrical requirements?
  • Will your glass to metal seal be under any pressure?
  • How will your seal be attached?
  • Cable requirements?
  • Custom functionality?
  • Plating Options?
  • Environmental factors?


Industrial and Automotive:

  • Condition monitoring – humidity and gas sensors
  • Sensors – vibration, pressure and temperature
  • Spectrometers – airport trace detection devices


  • Electrical feedthroughs for Medical Autoclaves
  • Hermetic Vacuum feedthrough for digital imaging
  • Titanium hermetics for implantable medical devices

Oil & Gas:

  • Sub-sea cable termination &condition monitoring
  • Containment seal/fire barrier
  • Wire line tools (measurement / logging whilst drilling)


  • Imaging Systems
  • Cryogenic Cooling
  • Ignition Systems

Testing Custom Hermetically Sealed Connectors

Every hermetic connector seal goes through the same rigorous testing to ensure top quality products are guaranteed.  If you require specific testing, please let us know.

Jacarem Process

Most custom seal enquiries begin with an e-mail or phone call from a customer.  Whether you require a prototype, low volume or high volume, our experienced engineering team will oversee every custom hermetic seal project from the early design stage through to the manufacturing process.  If you have a specific connector, fiber optic, cable or wire in your system that needs to be sealed, we can use it to create your custom hermetic seal.

Custom Hermetic Connector Seal Types

It is impossible to convey the vast variety of connectors that our engineering team have sealed.  As it stands, there has never been a connector that our team have been unable to seal, so whatever your connector, please contact our team today for your custom hermetic seal: [email protected].

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