PCB Heat sinks

PCB Heat sinks are cooling solutions. The different series of fin patterns and heights allow engineers to select the optimum solutions for their applications.


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PCB Heat sinks

PCB heat sinks are produced by an extrusion and forging process to fulfil our customers design requirements.

We have a huge range of footprints available in various materials such as aluminium and copper to suit your needs.

Heat sinks can be forged with straight or round fins:

PCB Heat sinks PCB Heat sinksHeat sink forged with straight or round fin

There are holders and clips available to provide a secure mechanical attachment without using additional board space for attachment holes.   The holders and clips are easy to install and remove without additional tooling.  The stable and reliable pressure provides optimum heat sink performance.  Heat sinks can be rotated to change the fin direction if required and they are shock, vibration and test certified.

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