Liquid Cold Plates

Whether you require aluminium liquid cold plates, copper liquid cold plates or stainless liquid cold plates, we should have a solution for you.

The high-end, pin-fin embedded water block cold plates are of high quality.  The water block fin structure is formed as one-piece, so there is no contact resistance between the base and fins.  The heat from the heat source is transferred to the fins and carried away by liquid effectively.


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Liquid Cold Plates

Applications for Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid cold plates are one of the most common liquid cooling solutions.

The need to use liquid cooling solutions has increased tremendously in recent years due to the demand for high power density applications in lasers, medical equipment, hybrid car, and data centre.

It offers many advantages over forced air-cooled heat sinks such as performance, noise level, and reliability. Air cool solution has a performance limit of ~0.1 C/W while the liquid cooling solution can reach a performance limit of one magnitude lower, ~0.01 C/W (typically around 0.03C/W – 0.06 C/W)!

Copper Tube stainless liquid cold plates aluminium liquid cold plates copper liquid cold plates


Each cold plate goes through many leak and pressure testing during manufacturing processes.  Before mass production, the cold plate is tested with rigorous thermal shock and temperature cycles to assure the long-term reliability of our brazing quality.

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