IC Heat Spreaders

Ideal IC heat spreaders with a Tungsten Copper (W-Cu) heat dissipation material, which is critical as power dissipation becomes higher for higher frequency products.


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IC Heat spreaders

Technology of IC Heat Spreaders

Traditional materials for IC heat spreaders, copper or aluminium, no longer meet the needs of package heat dissipation.  With the advancement of wafer manufacturing technology, die sizes have become significantly smaller to allow the heat source to become more concentrated. The only way to increase the surface area within a confined IC package is to add fins (or pins).

Traditional heat spreaders, which are made by a stamping process, can only bend the material so that it can not add fins to increase the surface area (see pictures).

Another important criterion for an IC heat spreader is its Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE).  If the heat spreader CTE does not match IC packaging’s, the two will become detached when IC operates in temperature, due to the different rates of expansion. An ideal IC heat spreader should not only have added surface area, but it should also be a good CTE match with ceramics.


Tungsten Copper (W-Cu)

We offer a Tungsten Copper (W-Cu) heat dissipation material with high thermal conductivity and low coefficients for expansion, which could satisfy both single-chip packaging and multi-chip packaging requirements.

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