• Waterproof Circular IP68 Push Pull Connector
  • Connector uses locking fingers- FP locking principle
  • Keying with Pin and groove
  • 2-40 contact positions
  • Mixed insert arrangements
  • Outside diameter of 11-25mm
  • 5 insulator sizes available, made of PEEK and PBT
  • Contact terminations: Solder, crimp and PCB
  • Compatible with standard connectors on the market
  • Modification of the catalogue model is possible

Technical Specification

  • IP rating: 50 & 68
  • Housing, Back nut & slotted nut material: Cu-Alloy with +1µm Cu, +3-6µm Ni, 0.3-1µm matt chromate surface
  • Collet, EMI ring, Half-shells, locking washer, Nut & retainer ring material: Cu-Alloy with Ni matt 6-8 µm surface
  • Pin solder or PCB Socket solder or PCB Pin crimp Socket crimp material: Cu-Alloy with +1.25µm Ni, +0.75 µm Au suface.
  • Operating Temperature: PBT: 40C to +140C, PTFE: 100 to +260, PEEK: 50 to +250