The continuing need for more bandwidth in VMEbus environments met with new switched serial fabric technology. Simultaneously, it was recognized that other improvements such as increased power supply and cooling capability were required for a new generation of high-performance processors on single board computers.

ANSI/VITA 41, VMEbus Switched Serial or VXS, is an ANSI standard that combines parallel VMEbus with enhancements to support switched serial fabrics including PCI Express, RapidIO, StarFabric and InfiniBand over a new high speed P0 connector. Backward compatibility is maintained with existing backplanes that do not have a conflicting P0 scheme. Combining the VME2eSST parallel bus with switch fabric technologies for multi-point, high-speed data transfers creates choices for embedded computing designs of all types. The standard also incorporates ANSI/VITA 1.7, allowing more DC power input into each board.

VXS is actually a family of specifications, with a base specification defining common elements and dot specifications defining mapping of switched fabrics, management and system interfaces.

The VPX series is used in VITA 41 systems as the system power interface.

•    Compliant to VITA 41 VXS requirements
•    Size 20 power contacts rated at 20 amperes each
•    Three-level sequential mating
•    “Touch-safe” recessed female contacts
•    Large Surface Area LSA contact system yields low contact resistance
•    PCB solder and press-fit terminations available

Technical Specification

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