• The world’s smallest laser sensor with adjustable background suppression is especially suitable for handling and positioning applications: our F 10 series.
  • The sensors of the F 10 series, available as LED and laser versions, form one of the most comprehensive series on the market in sub-miniature housings. Their precise background suppression, adjustable via teach-in, makes the sensors unique.
  • The light spot of the F 10 laser sensors also remains so focused that small parts in the millimetre range can still be reliably detected even at long distances – for example, a wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm at a distance of 60 mm. One highlight of the new F 10 LED sensors is the F 10 with BlueLight technology, specially developed for detecting solar wafers and strongly light-absorbing objects using the scanning principle.
  • Simple mounting: Mounting using a dovetail that permits fine retro-adjustment of the sensor is particularly recommended when installation space is limited.
  • Special characteristics: The glass-fiber-reinforced plastic housing with its integrated mounting sleeve, dovetail guide on the back and laser marked indelible type code are characteristic of the F 10.
  • Bright but harmless laser light: The red-light laser of the F 10 generates a bright light spot that is also easily visible in daylight. Being in Laser Class 1, however, it poses no danger.