• The main benefit of the Fork sensor is their reliability with utmost accuracy. Even very small objects are reliably detected. High switching frequencies enable the detection of moving objects. All versions have a plug connection and use visible red light.
  • Metal Versions have a simple and robust design.
  • Metal versions are reversible N.O/N.C
  • Metal versions have a 3 pin connection.
  • Plastic Fork sensors with NPN or PNP, 3- or 4-pin connections.
  • Plastic versions have dynamic teach-in.
  • Plastic versions has output signal LEDs visible from all sides.
  • Plastic versions have numerous mounting possibilities e.g. dovetail.
  • Plastic versions have a setting to moving objects possible.

Technical Specification

  • Refer to pdf for further information
  • For further individual spec sheets, please contact the Jacarem sales office.