Wire Seal Feedthrough Applications

Hermetic wire seal feedthroughs are used in many applications and industries.  An epoxy hermetically sealed wire feedthrough is a sensible solution if you don’t need to disconnect at the bulkhead.  A wire seal feedthrough that is hermetically sealed with epoxy offers a more flexible solution that saves space.  These wire seal feedthroughs pass conductors in a wire harness through a chamber wall with no vacuum or pressure loss. An epoxy sealed wire feedthrough also eliminates issues with voltage drop, contact resistance, and other electrical problems.  Epoxy hermetic seals even allow for the use of different types of conductors and wires in the same feedthrough, adding yet another advantage.

Continuous feedthroughs can also be used in older systems when retrofitting is necessary. Adding new instrumentation or sensors to an existing chamber can be a time-consuming and difficult task when using standard connectors or when the opening of the chamber wall does not allow additional conductors. A wire seal feedthrough can be adapted to add more conductors to work with limitations in an existing system.

Wire Seal Testing

Every hermetic wire seal is tested with pressure and / or helium leak tested.  In addition, all hermetic wire seal feedthroughs are hipot and / or continuity tested to ensure the wire seal feedthrough is correctly wired.

wire hermetic sealsepoxy-sealed-wire-feedthrough

Finally, for further information or a quotation on custom hermetic wire sealed feedthroughs, please contact us.