Hermetically Sealed MDR-MDR Feedthrough Connectors

Hermetic MDR-MDR Sealed Feedthroughs are available from stock or on a short lead-time.


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Hermetic MDR-MDR Sealed Feedthrough

100% of parts are checked for quality including dimensional inspection, connector mateability and visual workmanship.  The parts are helium leak tested to 1X10^-8 STD-CC/SEC or better.  The vacuum is on the o-ring side.

Hypot 500VDC 500 megaOhms .01 second minimum.

The seal operating temperature is -40C to 130C.

The example pictured is a 304SS flange with 4 mounting holes for 6-32 UN or 3mm screw.

Custom sizes, wire or fiber optic configurations and tests available.

The hermetic MDR-MDR Feedthrough is available from stock or on a short lead time.
Finally, for further information or a quotation, please contact us.

MDR-MDR hermetic feedthrough seal

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