• High Density version connectors available in 15,26,44,62 and 78 positions
  • 3 contact rows with plug or socket connectors
  • Interchangeable with all D-subminiature connectors on the market
  • Hoods with top and side entry cable entry with mechanical cable clamp available
  • Mechanical locking device available
  • Contact terminations: Solder cup, Solder pin, Wire wrap, Crimp.
  • Dual port version available

Technical Specification

  • Insulator Material: Polyester GF UL 94 V-0
  • Contacts: Copper alloy
  • Contact finish: Hard gold plated over nickel
  • Shell: Steel tin plated. Steel Yellow Chromate
  • Test voltage Vrms
  • NM: 1000V
  • Working voltage: 60V
  • Current Rating: 3.0A UL, 2.5A CSA, 3A VDE
  • Contact resistance: Max. 10MΩ before usage, 10mΩ after usage
  • Insulation resistance: 5G Ω
  • Clearance and creepage distance: Contact-Contact: 0.6mm
  • Operating temp: -55°C to +125°C
  • Mating / Unmating forces:
    15pin -50N
    26Pin – 84N
    44Pin- 120N
    62Pin- 170N
    78Pin- 200N
  • Mating Cycles: A quality class 3: 50cycles. B quality class 2: 200 cycles. C quality class 1: 500 cycles. J quality class 1>: 500 mating cycles.