1.27mm Pitch Connectors – MiniBridge Series – Board to Cable

1.27mm Pitch Connectors can be used everywhere for space saving, highly stressed connections. The MiniBridge Series offers a single row cable mating system, with straight and angled male terminal strips.

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1.27mm Pitch Connectors

MiniBridge Series

Please refer to the specification below for the MiniBridge 1.27mm pitch connectors.

  • Designed for space saving board to cable connections, with a 1.27mm pitch single row.
  • Number of pins: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
  • Male connector: SMT, Female connector: IDC
  • Current carrying capacity per contact: up to 4 A 12 Position connector up to 48A per connector
  • Vertical and right angle male connector.
  • Female connector with 90º or 180° cable outlet
  • Robust positive locking feature red or a friction lock black.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Temperature: -55 – +125ºC
  • Current rating per contact: 20ºC 4.0A, 70ºC 3.0A, 100ºC 2.0A
  • Air and Creepage Distance: contact – contact 0.4 mm
  • Dielectric strength: contact – contact 500V rms
  • Contact resistance: < 25 m Ω
  • Insulation resistance: > 10 4M Ω
  • Mechanical Operation: > 500 Mating Cycles
  • Insertion and withdrawal force: 2 cont: 2 N, 3 cont: 3 N, 4 cont: 4N, 6 cont: 6N, 8 cont: 8N, 10 cont: 10N, 12 cont: 12N
  • Gauge retention force: > 0.1 N

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