1.27 mm Pitch Connectors – Minibridge Series

The MiniBridge Series are excellent for space saving, highly stressed connections. They offer a single row, 1.27mm pitch.

The connectors are available with straight and angled male terminal strips.

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  • The MiniBridge cable-to-cable connection offers both an IDC female connector and and IDC male connector for this cable connection; these are designed for flat cable or discrete wires.
  • Pitch: 1.27mm
  • Number of Pins: 6
  • High current carrying capability.

Technical Specification

  • High Current carrying capacity depends on cable used: e.g 26AWG > 3.7A per contact @ 20ºC, limit temp. 125ºC.
  • Termination:
    IDC flat cable 26 AWG, 7 stranded wires
    IDC, discrete wire 30 AWG, 7 stranded wires
  • Modules: Male and Female connectors have 180º cable outlets.
  • Interlocking:
    Female connector, red is unlockable only with tool.  For high vibration shock load.
    Female connector, black is unlockable without a tool.  For lower vibration shock loads.
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