MGH Series – Microminiature Circular Connectors

MGH Series Connectors are microminiature, high reliability connectors available with three contacts.

This series connector is usually used where limited space is a problem. They can be used as cable connectors, panel-mounted connectors, or probes.

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MGH Series – Miniature Circular Connectors

  • MGH Series connectors are microminiature, high reliability connectors. Ideal for use in medical, industrial, military and automotive applications where limited space is a concern.
  • Connector variants: 3 way.
  • Connectors can be used as cable connectors, panel mounted connectors or probes.
  • They are available with three contacts for providing polarization: two contacts at 0.030 inch 0.76mm diameter, and one contact at 0.040 inch 1.02mm diameter.
  • The MGH Series is rated to three amperes per contact. Spacing between contacts is 0.102 inch 2.59mm, and the face diameter of the connector is 0.312 inch 7.92mm.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Temperature : -55 – +125°C
  • Initial contact resistance: 0.012 Ω maximum.
  • Flash over voltage: 1,500 VAC rms.
  • Test Voltage: 1,000 VAC rms.
  • Insulation Resistance: 5 G ohms.
  • Clearance and Creepage distance: 0.021 inch 0.53mm, minimum.
  • Working Voltage: 250 VAC rms
  • Mechanical operations: 250 operations per IEC 512-5.

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