Positronic Distributor

Jacarem is an authorised Positronic distributor and we have worked with them since 1987.  We carry large quantities of Positronic connectors in stock and we offer scheduled and call-off orders to assist our Positronic customers.

We support our customer requirements for parts by offering a quality cable assembly service, where we can turn products around quickly due to our Positronic connector stock.

Industries and Applications

Positronic is a global manufacturer of high reliability electronic connectors for use in various industries.  Examples of industries are: space, military, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial, test, and rail among others.

Positronic Connectors

Positronic D-Sub Connectors

These include Standard Density D-sub connectorsHigh Density D Sub ConnectorsVacuum Side standard density D-sub Connectors,  Vacuum side High density d-sub connectorsDual Port / Stacked D-Sub connectors, D-Sub spaceflight connectorsCombination D-sub connectors and hermetic feedthrough d-sub connectors.  Whatever your application, we will have a d-sub connector for you.

Positronic Power Connectors

Positronic has a comprehensive range of power connectors, making them highly regarded in this sector.  Examples of the Positronic power connectors include Scorpion Power ConnectorsGoldfish Power ConnectorsPower Connection SystemsInfinity Power ConnectorsDragonfly Power ConnectorsCompact PCI Power ConnectorsSumo Power ConnectorPanther Power ConnectorSlim Low Profile Power Connectors.

Positronic Hermetic Range

Whether you require a d-sub hermetic feedthroughcustom vacuum flange or mating vacuum and air side connectors, we have everything that you require.

Finally, if you would like further information, a quotation or to arrange a visit, please Contact Us.

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