Vacuum Feedthrough Connectors and Custom Hermetic Seals

Vacuum feedthrough connectors and custom hermetic seals are used by engineers who must maintain a vacuum environment at all times in a broad range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, military and research.  Applications such as medical imaging (x-ray) systems, space-simulation vacuum chambers, nuclear glove boxes, leak detection systems, scientific instruments using analytical methods such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy know how indispensable the use of vacuum feedthrough connectors are.

Vacuum Feedthrough Connectors | Jacarem

Purpose of Vacuum Feedthrough

Matter (liquids and gases) and energy (in the form of electricity or light pulse) must pass from the outside of a vacuum chamber to the inside without any leakages.  There is no pressure loss when a vacuum feedthrough is used, which reduces electrical problems such as voltage drop and contact resistance.

Types of Vacuum Feedthroughs/ Hermetic Seals

We have designed thousands of vacuum feedthroughs / hermetic seals for customers in a broad range of industries.  We can build feedthroughs for nearly any connector with the flexibility of epoxy resin.  Our range of vacuum feedthroughs are:


There are many names for vacuum feedthrough connectors including: electrical feedthrough, epoxy feedthrough, hermetic feedthrough, hermetically sealed feedthrough, glass feedthrough, ceramic feedthrough, hermetically sealed connector.

Flanges and Port Plates

In addition to offering the feedthroughs separately, we also make large flanges and port plates with multiple hermetic feedthroughs mounted to the plate, fully electrically and leak tested and ready for installation.  These large conflat flanges can have tens or hundreds of connectors and wires sealed into them.  This allows you design flexibility to incorporate numerous types of feedthroughs on one flange to achieve the perfect design.

Our design and engineering team will be able to assist you whether you have a requirement for a single vacuum feedthrough or a large quantity of hermetic seals.  If you need assistance designing a hermetic seal for your application, please get in touch and we will provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

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