Custom Vacuum Flanges, Hermetic Sealed Vacuum Feedthroughs
Jacarem offer a large range of Custom vacuum flanges and hermetically sealed feedthroughs for space and industrial vacuum applications.  Our experienced engineering team are on-hand to assist you with the most cost-effective solution for your application.

Custom Vacuum Flanges

Our custom vacuum flanges are one of our specialities and recognised for their high performance, reliability and durability.  We can offer guidance and technical recommendations for the optimal custom vacuum flange solution.  Our engineering and manufacturing team can produce the ideal flange for your application combining connector feedthroughs, wires and cables, fully fitted and leak tested.  If you require an ISO flange, CF (Conflat) or KF /QF (Klein Flansche or Quick Flange), our team can design the perfect custom vacuum flange for you.  

Whether you require one custom vacuum flange or a large quantity, for further information or to discuss your requirements with our team, please >contact us.

Hermetically Sealed Vacuum Feedthroughs

Vacuum Feedthroughs are used to transport a signal, electrical current, temperature measurement or fibre optic into/from a Vacuum or Pressure Chamber.  There are many different types of feedthrough:

Thermocouple Feedthrough
Co-axial feedthrough
D-Sub Feedthrough
Data / Computer Feedthrough
Wire / Cable Feedthrough
Fiber Optic Feedthrough
Custom Connector Feedthrough

Our vacuum feedthroughs are filled with an epoxy resin making them far more resilient to vibration, shock and damage compared to glass ceramic alternatives. 

Hermetic Connectors and Hermetically Sealed Feedthrough Applications

Our engineering and manufacturing team can provide fiber optic, signal and power solutions with an extensive range of custom hermetic seal connectors.   Our custom epoxy resin seals are designed to meet the challenging sealing demands by withstanding high pressures in the following application examples as well as many more:

Medical equipment 
Semiconductor manufacturing 
Space simulation 
Vacuum systems
Harsh environments 

With custom designed hermetically sealed connectors, hermetic wires, hermetic feedthroughs, bulkhead electrical connectors and high-pressure vacuum electrical feedthroughs, our team can find the perfect solution for your application.

Whether you require one hermetically sealed feedthrough or a large quantity, for further information or to discuss your requirements with our team, please contact us.

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