Piezo Ceramic Speakers and Amplifiers

Piezo Ceramic Speakers and amplifiers are available from Jacarem.

Please view the images below and click them for further specifications and data sheets.

Firstly, the SCS-series has good sound quality and limited distortion guarantees a clear reproduction of multiple tones.

Secondly, polymer/metal Speakers (SPS) produce high sound quality with low distortion and guarantee the perfect reproduction of music and speech. They have a very flat design and are delivered with an open front.

Thirdly, blue line SPS Piezoceramic speaker series is designed for a broad range of applications. Equipped with a high power adhesive tape and soldering connection pads the speaker is ready for easy mounting and fast production in every application.

Piezo Audio Amplifiers series are a total solution to drive piezoceramic sound components. A range of different PCB sizes, amplifier topologies and maximum voltage peak to peak outputs, cover a wide solution to piezo audio amplification.

Finally, for further information or for a quotation please contact us.

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