D Sub Connectors / D Type Connectors

We supply standard and high density d-type connectors, mixed combination, dual port, surface mount, waterproof D-subs, Micro D’s, Nano D’s, Vacuum and spaceflight D-Sub connectors.

Whether you have a requirement for a Military or Industrial application, we should have a d-sub connector to suit your requirements.

What is a D-Sub Connector?

D-sub connectors contain two or more parallel rows of contacts surrounded by a characteristic D-shaped metal shell. The shell not only provides mechanical support and ensures the correct orientation, but it may also screen against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Several methods are used to connect the system circuitry to the contacts in D-sub connectors, including crimp, solder cup, PCB solder, PCB press-fit and wire wrap connections. Many times locking systems are implemented to ensure the connectors remain in a mated state despite shock and vibration conditions.

Please contact our team for any technical assistance or pricing information on D-Sub Connectors / D-type connectors.

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