D-Sub Backshells and Accessories

D-Sub Backshells and Accessories are available from Jacarem.

Whether you are looking for plastic, metallised plastic or metal Hoods, screws, or dustcaps etc we should have a suitable product for your requirements.

The comprehensive range of d-sub backshells feature a variety of options that improve the system stability while maximising cable strain relief; thus preventing damage to the wires and contacts.

Some D-sub backshells are designed to maximise EMI Shielding (where required), for optimal connectivity and performance.  The Metal backshells are excellent in harsh environments when you require high reliability.

Please refer to the three sections below for the different backshell options.

If you require any technical assistance, our engineering team are on-hand to assist you.  Please Contact Us or e-mail [email protected], or phone 01494 791336.

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