2mm Pitch Connectors

2mm pitch connectors are available from Jacarem. We have board to board connector variants.

MicroSpeed Power is a 5-pin connector system with a contact pitch of 2.0 millimeters.  MicroSpeed Power modules are ideal for providing the power supply to high-performing, compact elements such as processors, LCD displays or drives.   They are consequently used in automation, measurement technology, medical technology, or information technology.

Secondly, the ERmet connector family is tailor-made for demanding applications in telecommunication and data communication.

Demanding applications with high data transmission rates can be realized with connectors from the ERmet ZD family. The connectors have a robust design and thanks to the identical connector face are compatible within the ERmet ZD family. The ERmet ZDplus and ZDpro connectors present an expansion of the connector family and allow data rates from 20 or 25 Gbit/s. This makes an optimum product available for every performance class.

The iBridge Ultra connector family offers extensive Cable-to-Board solutions. It is designed for applications which need reliable and robust connection systems. A TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer serves as a secondary lock for the female contact in the housing. The secondary lock makes the connections particularly resistant against strong vibrations, such as those that occur in an automotive application.   However, iBridge Ultra is not limited to automotive and is a great choice for applications in industrial automation, telecommunications and healthcare.

Finally, iBridge Ultra’s compact design supports all applications between control units and local components such as sensors, motors, switches, fans, heating elements, fuses or LEDs.

Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance, our engineering team are on-hand to help.  We have helped thousands of customers with their 2mm pitch requirements and we are ready to work on your project too.

We offer excellent pricing and you can place a schedule or call-off order.

Finally, for further information or for a quotation, please contact us.

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