Positronic power connectors are widely known to offer the highest degree of linear current density in the marketplace. That is achieved by 1) selecting copper alloys low in resistance; 2) by the precision machining process; and 3) by the female contact geometry that provides excellent normal force against the male contact.Although machined contacts are fundamental to the Eclipse’s power density, machining is not required for the signal contact cluster. In some applications, machining the signal contacts results in unnecessary cost escalation without the added value to the application.The Eclipse is the solution.The Eclipse hybrid power & signal connectors offer machined power contacts for world-class current density paired with a cost-effective signal contact cluster. Retain the performance without the cost implications.Eclipse Characteristics– Machined power contacts combined with formed signal contacts– 250 mating cycles minimum– Halogen-free insulator– Low-profile, 11mm heightFor further information including full literature, sample requests and quote requests, please click on the following link: Positronic Hybrid Power & Signal ConnectorsThe strong and versatile Eclipse is ideal for use in power supplies, server equipment and related applications.