Power Connectors - Technical Design-In

Jun 21, 2019
Power Connectors - Technical Design-In

Power connectors are a vital link in electronics between a device and its source of power.  Let the Jacarem team assist you with power connectors for your application!

Jacarem have an extensive range of products and we submit technical design-ins for power applications on a daily basis. Customers now utilise the technical knowledge of our team. Engineers give us their requirements and we find them the best possible solution from our massive range of products. The following video gives you a brief overview of some of our power connector products.

Scorpion Power Connector

The Scorpion connector can be configured as a power connector, a signal connector, or both, and it offers nearly limitless combinations. Perfect to achieve that ideal blend of size, weight, and power (SWaP), these connectors are so versatile, you’ll be able to create the perfect power connector for your needs.

Blind Mate Connectors

If you want a power connector for use in applications that require excellent blind mating, look at the Goldfish, Infinity, Great Golden and Scorpion series. These connectors are perfect for the task and include options for AC/DC input, signal and DC output connections in a single package. Some power connectors have recessed female contacts making them “touch safe.”

Ultra High Power Connector

If you need an ultra-high power interface, consider the Infinity, Great Golden or Sumo power connector families. Developed to reflect the system design challenges created by increasing power consumption, these series offer the user multiple variations, features and sizes.

Power Connection Systems (PCS)

One of our most popular products due to it's versatility, high current and mixed density options. More design engineers seem to be opting for this power connector option due to the growing list of features including:

**Low contact resistance**

**Sequential mating options**

**Discriminating locking System**

**Board to Board / Board - Cable / Cable - Cable**

**Size 12 contacts with screw terminations**

**Safety Shrouded Options**

**Many Connector Variants Available From Stock**

Dragonfly Power Connector

The DF series connectors are economical, miniature power/signal connectors ideal for applications requiring high power density. Dragonfly series connectors offer high density, miniature packaging, Size 16, 20 and 22 contacts and contact current ratings to 20 amperes per contact

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