Various power components with combined elastic and massive pressfit zones are now available from Jacarem.The power elements have been designed specifically for the harsh requirements in the automotive sector to ensure that printed circuit boards and its connections do not thermally overload with high current.The power elements are very secure, durable and robust. While the massive pressfit zone guarantees torque support and secure fixture, the flexible pressfit zone provides optimal power transmission. These robust components are characterized by a modular construction, with a high number of contact points and reliable pressfit contacts.

Numerous processing advantages:
  • no tearing of the circuit paths caused by the “jet effect” during pressfit
  • minimal swarf formation during pressfit
  • less danger of delamination and therefore undesired shorts due to moisture trapped inthe pcb
  • greater reliability during temperature change and vibration
  • improved process safety of the press in/out process
  • greater hole tolerance with lower cost for the pcb
  • improved pressfit force adjustment application
  • less pressfit force for high number of poles,less stress on the pcb