The MicroCon connector family has been significantly extended. In addition to the 50-pin straight male and female connectors originally introduced, other versions with different numbers of pins, heights and also in angled variants are available for delivery at short notice. Versions with pin numbers from 12 to 140 and heights of 1.0 mm or 2.0 mm for the male connectors as well as 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 8.0 mm for the female connectors.The MicroCon connectors are designed for parallel (board-to-board and Mezzanine), orthogonal (90 degrees) and coplanar PCB connections.

With versions with various heights for the female and male connectors, it is possible to realise different board-to-board distances of 5 to 10 mm (later up to 20 mm) for Mezzanine applications. For connections over greater distances, IDC ribbon cable connections are provided for AWG 34 cables.The dual-row MicroCon series with 0.8mm pitch is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications in the industrial, medical, lighting, automotive and consumer electronics market. It constitutes a complementary extension to the dual-row SMC family with 1.27mm pitch and the MicroStac family with a hermaphroditic 0.8mm pitch design.

In spite of the compact design, it is just as robust and reliable as ever. Even in the basic version, the male connectors have a reinforced outer wall. What is more, besides the coding, a blind mate guide with an increased locking range helps to ensure secure mating.The MicroCon family has retained two essential design features in the miniaturised 0.8mm pitch. A unique feature for connectors in this size is the use of double-sided spring contacts for secure mating and a high level of reliability. Consequently, in spite of their miniaturised design, the MicroCon connectors offer a high mating tolerance with permissible misalignment tolerances in the longitudinal and transverse axes of +/- 0.7 mm. The angular inclination tolerance is +/- 4 degrees.Automatic assemblyThe MicroCon connectors are designed for automatic SMT assembly. To this end, besides the SMT connection, the female connector features a plastic housing, which is also resistant to the high temperatures encountered during lead-free reflow soldering. In addition, the MicroCon connectors are suitable for double-sided reflow soldering. The connectors are supplied in tape & reel packaging to facilitate automatic assembly. The robust connectors are specified for > 500 mating cycles and afford a current capacity per contact of up to 2.3 A at 20°C.

The solder terminal is tin-plated.